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Coinsino Finance is a betting platform built with the innovative cutting-edge technology "web3", that offers the true reality of advanced betting games and allows interested users to join any of its betting pools for a particular outcome. With an envisage to support play2Earn games through the Odd pool resources, Coinsino can be referred to as a multi-level gaming and betting portal for fun and for profitability.

When a particular game pool prize fund is not claimed, the leftover is sent to the oddpool. The odd pool is a section of the Coinsino app where players bet to win rewards from the Odd pool funds based on their betting odds, thanks to the game pool for providing such liquidity. The odd pool is the liquidity centre of the platform and powers most of the casino games. Rumour has it that the odd pool might be the feature to power the Coinsino Play2Earn portal in the future.

Just take a leap forward, get your ticket if for lotteries or stake odds for other game.

Be responsible, bet resposible, think responsible. "Bet less to win more not otherwise".

Yes, with a future envisage of Play2Earn we hope to introduce several games to our community.

Alot! You can play different games and get lucky and walk away with something huge. But Whatever happens in coinsino remains in coinsino.